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Lulu Systems

growth tools and data analytics for physical retail
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what we do

Visitor Counting

Measure the impact of marketing activities and watch your traffic grow.


Know if your team, product presentation, pricing and visitors are aligned.

Customer Insights

Measure your audience and know what gender and age are buying your products.


Through Machine Learning we can predict if tomorrow will be busy or quiet.

why is this different?

We take your data and turn it into insights. The first indicator of a successful marketing campaign is a lift in traffic to your store. Connecting visitors, sales data and conversion rates is the key to success.

Even the score and get access to a constant stream of information, just like digital stores.

Retailers are running behind

According to Forbes, small business owners are hurting their chances on success because they focus on the wrong things. Get ahead of the competition and improve your online marketing and in-store funnel insights. We will connect Google Analytics with in-store sales data to show the full picture. Revenue and profits will increase and your customers will thank you for it.


Actively acquire new customers


Has a website and can be found online

Conversion: The most important metric

This metric that shows how well your sales people are performing and if your potential customers like what they see in your store. A small improvement in conversion could lead to a big revenue uptick, without additional cost.

Boost your revenue 13% today

Not completely convinced, but definitely interested? Download the FREE whitepaper on how to boost revenue in-store substantially with a few small tricks.

Easy to integrate

Our technology is high-tech and works with any type of store, restaurant or retail location. From manual input to real-time data pulls, we can get you started right away.

more than 21 years of retail experience

Our team has real-life retail experience. We spent time behind the counter, talking to customers, sold electronics, ordered beers and did a lot of shopping. Areas of expertise: 

  • Electro Retail
  • Fashion
  • Personalization¬†& Customization
  • Restaurants & Bars


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