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Power to the store manager

We provide software & hardware for brick-and-mortar retail that will provide insights on where your biggest opportunities are for growth. Get access to data analytics and growth tools that have helped online marketers for years to grow their business.

three steps to get you started

This is the new way of running brick-and-mortar retail. For years online marketers have focused on growing traffic and improving conversion rates. Translate this to a brick-and-mortar retail store and it becomes very clear what you should focus on for growth.

1. Data Collection


2. Actionable Insights


3. Benchmarking

1. Data Collection

Track visitors, conversion and demographics

The formula for revenue is simple: Traffic x Conversion x Average Order Value. If you don’t look at your funnel data it is very hard to know if you are driving more people to your store, measure if sales training is effective or see if in-store marketing materials are making a difference. Also find our your core demographics and find opportunities for growth.

We provide hardware & software


Or work with existing traffic counter and POS system


actionable insights, not just data

Great store managers have experience and exceptional people skills. But aren’t usually data analysts. If presented the right way, you know what actions to take. It’s time to start leveraging these great skills and provide store-managers with super powers.


The main indicator for how well your store works. Staffing, pricing and product presentation.


Can your team up-sell, add-sell, cross-sell? Are the right products placed close to your POS system?

Transactions / FTE

This is one indicator to monitor if you are getting the most out of your workforce.


The first indicator of growth and the most important KPI for marketing activities.

Look at your results from the right point of view

Getting data is a great start. But comparing your data to industry averages or other local stores, gives perspective. What conversion should you be looking for? How many transactions per employee is good or needs improvement?

Use our leaderboard and benchmarking tools to find out how you are doing and where to focus next.

So, What's different? We already have this!


You might have a lot of data. But getting it in front of the people that matter, in the right format, that’s where we come in. Our dashboard is easy to understand and built for store managers. Ask for a demo and see for yourself.

“Our customers see a revenue increase
up to 19% after using Lulu Systems.”

we offer a complete solution


1. To count visitors, we can supply you with the necessary hardware or work with your existing visitor counters.

2. To measure demographics, weather and temperature inside, we require a small device to be placed close to your POS system.

3. We then pull together all data into an easy to understand dashboard with leaderboards and funnel comparison.


Visitor counter


Weather & Temperature


Real time dashboard

Leaderboard & Benchmarking

Funnel insights

What would you do with 19% more revenue?

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