Why your retail store is losing revenue

Big data. Web retailers know all about their customers: traffic to the website, percentage male/female, age, interest, location and language. Online marketers are obsessed with funnel analytics and constantly improving campaigns.


key performance indicators


The first indicator is the number of visitors to your domain. A great marketing campaign drives traffic. This is the main KPI marketers are looking for to measure success.


Growth teams are interested in how many of your visitors actually convert into customers. On average only 2% of website visitors convert. Conversion is a quality metric of how well your product offering matches the needs of the visitors.


Product presentation, product placement, up-sell, add-sell and education are great ways to increase average order value. But knowing your customer, is key to provide them with what they are looking for.

start with funnel insights

lear from online marketers and focus on traffic & conversion

Staff and product presentation are key to providing the best customer experience. Focusing on conversion rate is how you measure results.
1. Daily insights
Compare the number of visitors, by hour, day or week.
2. Measure the impact
Start with online marketing and immediately see the results of a mailing or ad.
3. Happy customers
The intention to buy if somebody is in your store, is higher than ever. Match staffing to peak hours and capture every opportunity.
4. Quality in numbers
Presentation and product placement are important conversion drivers but hard to measure. Not anymore with Lulu Systems.


Walked away because of “unhelpful staff”

During our research we learned that visitors are leaving your store because there wasn’t any staff to help them find the right product. We have seen significant revenue increases after making sure all customers are greeted.

The percentage of people that found it to be too hot or too cold inside

It is important to create the perfect circumstances. Customers will turn around and walk away, if your fitting rooms are too warm and sweaty or unpleasantly cold.


The Bottom Line

Every retailer focuses on revenue. Did you know you could double your revenue tomorrow? As per retail industry average: only 40% of visitors make a purchase. You should know how much revenue you are leaving on the table. Start measuring conversion.

Lulu Systems

growth tools and data analytics for physical retail

Visitor Counting

Measure the impact of marketing activities and watch your traffic grow.


Know if your team, product presentation, pricing and visitors are aligned.

Customer Insights

Measure your audience and know what gender and age is buying your products.


Based on our Machine Learning algorithms we can predict if tomorrow will be busy or quiet.


We found our conversion to be below average. Lulu Systems helped us realize a 19% revenue increase. We were able to point out this was due to an increase in conversion and are turning 26% more visitors into customers.

Store owner, Netherlands

simple pricing


software & hardware
Visitor counter


* Per store, per month, paid annually in advance


software & hardware

Visitor counter



Temperature & Weather

* Per store, per month, paid annually in advance

What would you do with 19% more revenue?